Located in Paso Robles, Fish Gaucho is a purveyor of California Mexican food and Tequila from the people who brought you Pappy McGregor's.


About Us

Our love for the fresh flavors of Baja California and fine tequila inspired the entire concept of what is FISHGAUCHO. The idea had been deep inside us for many years during our travels south of the border with family and friends. A fresh, healthy twist to traditional mexican food, with an authentic atmosphere, latin inspired music and a tequila selection made up of the finest tequilas.

Our latest trip to Mexico was summer 2013. As we sat on the beach, sipping fresh lime margaritas with no high calorie extra mixers added in making the margarita to sweet to drink, we wondered why we couldn’t find a drink like this back home. Then as we enjoyed our fresh ceviches, creative salsas, shucked raw oysters, and fresh fish tacos, again we found ourselves where could we eat like this back home? Light and Healthy Mexican food, that isn’t just drowning in cheese and heavy sauces. This was the exact inspiration of FISHGAUCHO California Mexican & Tequila Bar.

As a rule at FISHGAUCHO, we are 100% committed to sourcing the freshest seafood, shellfish, local produce, organic meats, and finest tequilas available to us. Our executive chef Chris Beckett has many local resources through farmers market vendors, local farmers and fisherman to have the best ingredients at his fingertips daily to produce some of the most unique, visually inspiring, and delicious Mexican dishes you will ever try. His commitment to making every dish perfect, starts at the top and flows through him to the entire kitchen staff.

Our tequila/bar program, also doesn’t stop short of striving to offer the best in fine tequilas, hand squeezed - hand muddled margaritas, signature cocktails, local wines, craft & imported beers either. Countless hours doing “research” on all the different styles of tequila & mezcal has produced a list over 100 of the worlds best tequilas from both the lowlands and highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Every Margarita at FISHGAUCHO is hand crafted with fresh squeezed lime, organic agave nectar, and only 100% Blue Agave Tequila. This combination we feel is the best way to enjoy the perfect margarita, just like on our trips to Mexico. Weather your new to tequila or a connoisseur, our always changing Tequila Flights are a great way to sample the world of fine tequila. We offer over 6 different flights everyday, no matter what you enjoy from silvers, reposados, anejo, mezcals and our private stash of ultra high end tequilas.

Our decor was inspired by old world rustic Mexico using mostly reclaimed wood and metal. We owe a huge thank you to our friend Michael at Luna Rustica (San Luis Obispo) for his great resources in Mexico and execution of our vision. Every piece of furniture and light fixtures you see was custom made specifically for FISHGAUCHO by Michael at Luna Rustica.

Please make it a point next time your in beautiful downtown Paso Robles to stop by FISHGAUCHO California Mexican & Tequila Bar to enjoy a fresh, healthy, and lively Mexican dining experience. We look forward to sharing our love for amazing Mexican food & drink.